Why Regular Software Updates Are Important for Your Website

Jan 11, 2019 | Website Performance, Security

Last Updated: January 14, 2021

Don’t you hate that pop-up window that hits you right in the middle of a project? It says you have a software update, but there is no time to worry about it right now.

The thing is, those updates are more important than you think. Performing them soon after the notification has many benefits. Read on for why those annoying software updates are worth the time it takes.

Why Software Updates Are So Important

Security is a probably part of why you chose your email hosting service. It’s also one of the reasons you choose your website host, and part of the reason software updates are so important. Below we discuss that and some other reasons to consider updating the software on your website right away.

Security Holes

Updating the software for your website patches holes you may not even know about in the security system. Sometimes, without patches, hackers find a hole and access all the information.

Have you ever received an email apologising for a breach of data? This type of problem for big corporations is the same problem you have when you don’t update right away. As soon as a breach becomes known, a patch gets issued to take care of the hole.

You may not have millions of social security numbers or private information that you risk exposing if a hacker finds a hole. But you’re certain to have data you don’t want any random person getting their hands on. Take care of any updates right away to avoid data breaches.


This is why you ought to do all the software updates, not only the major ones. If you only perform the updates for big changes, then the software for the plugins or skins or website themes doesn’t always make the cut.

You may consider those smaller aspects of the website less important. But if they aren’t updated, viewers may see gibberish or other aspects of a broken website. A simple update can keep your site’s interface clean.

New Features

There are lots of bonuses that come with a software update. You don’t get only boring things, like security patches and compatibility help. You also get brand spanking new features and sometimes even faster speed.

Most of the time, bugs get fixed and some fun extras get added. Explore all the options by reading the details of the upgrade. Then you’ll know about the new features and increased usability of your site.

Take full advantage of the fringe benefits that come with each upgrade. You can use new features to keep your website relevant and modern. And your viewers will see the new aspects of the site and the faster speed and appreciate your business even more.

Managed Services

Keep your website up and in continuous running order with frequent software updates. Patch any security holes, maintain compatibility, and display new features on your site.

Upgrades allow your clients and customers to enjoy bug-free browsing, shopping, and research.

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