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Our WordPress care plans takes the stress out of caring for your WordPress website.

Leave your WordPress updates, security, backups and maintenance to us for peace of mind.

What is a WordPress Care Plan?

Tell Me More About These Website Care Features


Website Care Report

We’ll send you an update report each month so you can rest assured that your website is under control and so that you’re kept informed.


Software Updates

Your WordPress Care plan will include scheduled WordPress core, theme and plugin updates to keep your website safe. Our Enterprise plan includes twice-monthly updates for extra assurance.



If you’re hosting your website with us, you’ll know that we already back up your hosting account daily and retain 7 restore points. However, we’ll also perform extra disaster recovery backups for your website.


Security Monitoring

We utilise the power of Sucuri’s security scanning technology to perform remote scans of your website regularly to ensure you’re not infected or blacklisted.


Traffic Analytics

Want to know how many visitors you’re getting? We’ll keep track of basic traffic statistics and will include this information in your monthly Website Care Report.


Uptime Monitoring

We understand that you’re busy running your business, so we’ll implement uptime monitoring which will alert our team if your website goes down for any reason.


Performance Checks

Having a fast loading website is important for user experience and search engine rankings. As updates occur on your website, it can have an impact on your website performance. We’ll monitor this for you to ensure we catch issues when/if they occur.


Website Optimisation

Your WordPress website is database driven, this means that the majority of your website content is stored inside a MySQL database. Over time, your database can be fill up with unnecessary junk, we’ll clean this clean for you.


Included Tasks

Tasks are considered to be something that can typically be completed in less than 30 minutes. If a task is is more involved, you will be notified and a quote will be generated.


Web Application Firewall

In additional to ModSecurity that is already installed on our hosting platform, we’ll install an additional WordPress specific Web Application Firewall for your protection.


Premium WAF

Our Enterprise level clients will experience real-time firewall updates to protect against newly found exploits. The Professional plan receives the same updates with a 30-day delay.


Country Blocking

Our Enterprise level clients have the ability to block entire countries from accessing their website. This can greatly reduce the attack ranges and therefore increase the security of your website.

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