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Isn’t it about time you take the stress out of managing your WordPress website? Leave your WordPress updates, security and maintenance to us for peace of mind.

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Core Features

Managed Updates

WordPress core, themes and plugins are kept updated for your security. We back up your website before updates and check your website after to ensure there are no nasty errors.


Website backups are crucial for any website, whether it be a personal blog or a business website. We perform a daily backup of your website for your peace of mind.

Security Checks

We utilise the power of Sucuri’s website security scanning technology to perform remote scans of your website regularly to ensure you’re not infected or blacklisted.

Integrity Scanning

Your WordPress website will be scanned for malware daily which also involves comparing your core, theme and plugin files against repository versions for any malicious changes.

Website Care Report

We’ll send you a website report to your mailbox each month to keep you up to date with the work we’ve performed and other important details relating to your website.

Website Firewall

We install and configure the Wordfence Web Application Firewall to protect your website against application level attacks. The firewall is configured to alert our team for critical issues. 

Database Care

Your WordPress website is database driven. Over time, your database can fill up with unnecessary junk, we’ll clean this for you regularly to keep your website running fast.

Traffic Stats

You want know how much traffic your website is getting right? You’ll be pleased to know that we’ll include some basic traffic statistics in your monthly Website Care Report.

Wordfence Issue Management

Wordfence is installed on your website to scan for malware and other important issues. As issues arise, we’ll attend to them on your behalf so you don’t have to worry.

Protect Your Website

Your website is an asset to your business. It’s not a set-and-forget sort of thing. Your website requires ongoing care to remain secure, keep up to date and to ensure your website stays running fast.

  • Decrease liklihood of getting hacked
  • 90 days of backups for peace of mind
  • Your own WordPress partner at your side

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