6 Top Reasons To Use Business Email Hosting

Nov 22, 2021 | Email

A professional email address is a must-have for any business that wants to look good.

This email should be easy to remember, and it should also provide an air of professionalism. A free email provider such as Gmail or Hotmail does neither of these things. This is why businesses are switching their email hosting services to Business Email Hosting.

In this blog post we will outline 6 top reasons why you should switch your email account over to Business Email Hosting today!

Professionalism & Trust

Business email hosting provides a professional look that free email providers cannot. A business email hosting service also boosts your reputation.

If a person receives an email from [email protected] they will assume that this is the official work of your company, and not just some spam account made by some random internet user.

Spam & Virus Filtering

Who likes spam? I know that most of the population does not. It’s a pain in your inbox to have someone or some company sending you email messages when they don’t even have permission, right!?

33% of consumers say if businesses use general addresses such as Gmail and Hotmail then this makes them less likely trust what they are selling.

With our spam & virus filtering, you can stay protected against viruses and online threats. This allows you to focus on important email messages only.

Intuitive Webmail

Axigen Webmail provides an intuitive experience that is sure to be a breeze for any business. Webmail access allows you to quickly and easily get up and running with your email on any device.

Included Email Migration

Our free email migration service lets you transfer all your emails to Business Email Hosting. Whether you host your email on cPanel, Plesk, Gmail or Hotmail, we can take care of the entire email migration process for you.

Our experts will set up email, configure email settings and prepare email software via a remote connection so that it is ready to use quickly so you can continue running your business.

Ensure your email arrives

You’ll want to avoid email bounce back as it can negatively impact your domains reputation.

Our Business Email Hosting platform increases your email delivery rates to help ensure important email messages arrive in a timely manner.

This is achieved by scanning all outbound mail to ensure no spam leaves our network thereby avoiding blacklists. In addition, we don’t send mail from the same IP address all the time. We have a cluster of servers all working together to deliver outbound mail.

Email Security

A secure email is one of the most important things you can do to protect your business. To ensure this, it’s imperative that modern TLS protocols are implemented for both ends-of-the conversation: sender and recipient alike!

You’ll be pleased to know that Razz Hosting implements this level of security. This ensures that no one can snoop on your emails when using public WiFi for instance!

If you’re looking for a way to make your business look more professional and polished, Business Email Hosting is the perfect solution. With this service, your business will be able to have custom domain email addresses that are easy to remember and feel trustworthy. This results in an improved customer experience as well as increased sales opportunities from customers who may not have been aware of your existence before now!

All of this for the same price as a cup of coffee!

To learn how we can help you improve the appearance of your business with these services, reach out to us using Messenger in the bottom right of this page.