6 Reasons to Use a WordPress Web Hosting Service

Jan 21, 2021 | Website Performance

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WordPress is the world leader CMS application and powers 35% of the Internet.

The platform receives 20+ billion web pages views every month. Over 400 million people visit WordPress blogs and the software takes five minutes to install.

You may already have a WordPress site or want to install this powerful app. But why should you use dedicated WP web hosting services to serve your site?

This article gives 6 great reasons why your visitors deserve a WordPress hosted experience.

Read on to learn about smart updates. Discover how WordPress care plans will make your life easier. And how you can create a WP site within a few clicks.

1. Simple 1-Click Install

A major reason for WordPress’s popularity is how simple it is to get a site up-and-running. A WordPress web hosting service makes this process even easier by including a ‘1-Click Install’ option.

cPanel is the industry leader in web control panel software. It allows site owners to add apps by clicking on a module. That includes the installation of WordPress along with PHP and a MySQL database.

The online wizard guides you through the process and within five minutes your site is ready to go!

2. Smart WordPress Hosting

WordPress isn’t just a blogging application. You can host an entire website on the platform and can extend WP to offer e-commerce facilities using plugins.

To demonstrate how dedicated WordPress hosting offers a ‘smart’ solution, consider these features:

  • Staging – try plugins and updates on a test site before going live
  • Cloning – clone your existing site to test theme changes, etc.
  • Bulk administration – manage multiple WP sites from one control panel

A WP hosting service lets you govern every page, asset, and detail of your website. The result is a fast, secure, and reliable user experience.

3. WordPress Care Plans

Most website owners aren’t digital security experts yet they need to ensure their WordPress sites remain secure.

WordPress Care Plans protect your website through managed updates, backups, and security checks.

Any available patches get updated automatically. Pages are constantly scanned for malware and bugs. Databases get optimized to remove unwanted information.

You also receive a monthly security report that highlights any issues to give you peace of mind.

4. Migrate Existing WordPress Websites

Need to migrate your site to a dedicated provider like Razz Hosting?

Migration tools make this process simple. The control panel gives guidance on how to clone your existing website and not lose any data.

When you upload your site, new updates for your theme and core files get updated straight away. That keeps you protected from hackers and keeps your site safe.

5. WordPress Recommends

A dedicated hosting solution constantly monitors and evaluates your installation. It checks for any issues like security concerns and highlights them.

Plugin updates fix known exploits and WP will urge you to install them. When a new release becomes available, you can simply click a button to update.

Follow the virtual assistant’s recommendations for better performance and to safeguard your visitors.

6. Easy SEO Management

The latest version of WordPress includes SEO facilities like asset caching and lazy image loading.

Google ranks fast and lean sites higher than slow and bulky offerings. A WordPress web hosting service always offers the current WP release meaning you can take advantage of these features.

WordPress also works well on mobile devices which boosts SEO even more.

World-Class WordPress Web Hosting Services

Razz Hosting is Australia’s world-class WordPress hosting provider.

Our WordPress Deluxe package gives you 10GB of SSD storage with SSL included. The LiteSpeed cache support guarantees a fast user experience.

Prices begin at only $19.95 per month for dedicated web hosting services. That includes access to our Australian-based support staff who are always on-call to help.

Contact our sales team to discover how Razz Hosting can better serve your WordPress site.

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