WordPress Management

Our Essential WordPress Management plan takes the stress out of managing your WordPress website.

Leave your WordPress updates, security, backups and maintenance to us.

What you get in our Essential WordPress Management plan


Critical Updates

If a critical vulnerability is found in your website, we’ll patch it as soon as one becomes available.

Daily Offsite Backups

In addition to any web hosting backups you may currently have, we’ll also make daily copies and store them offsite just in case!

Safe Browsing Checks

Having your website blacklisted by Google is a SEO nightmare. We’ll check daily to ensure your website remains safe to browse.

Malware Scanning

Using the power behind the WordPress security company Wordfence, we scan your website for malware and viruses daily.


Scheduled Updates

Your WordPress Maintenance plan will be scheduled in once a month for routine software updates.

Uptime Monitoring

Need to know your website is running even when you’re asleep? Leave it to us, we’ll monitor it for you and will let you know!

Database Optimisation

Your websites database can incur general wear and tear. We’ll optimise it monthly to ensure it’s in top shape!

Initial Website Hardening

We’ll perform some initial hardening adjustments to your website to protect you against commonly targets areas.

Pre-Update Snapshots

Snapshot backups prior to your scheduled updates to ensure you have a recent working backup should something go wrong.

Included Support

30 minutes of included support per month for technical issues, plugin installs and configuration plus more!

Monthly Update Report

We’ll send you an update report each month to keep you in the loop with how your website is running.

Discounted Extended Support

After your included 30 minutes of technical support. You’ll gain access to our discounted support rate of $39/hour (normally $55/hour).

Did you know?

The popularity of WordPress websites mean they are also the most targetted by hackers. A staggering 83% of all compromised websites are based on WordPress!

Do you have the spare time and knowledge to:

  • keep your WordPress core, themes and plugins updated?
  • ensure you have daily off-site backups running?
  • resolve technical issues if a plugin update breaks your website?
  • run daily Google safe-browsing checks?
  • optimise the performance of your website?

If the answer to any of these questions was NO then leave your WordPress updates, security, backups and maintenance to us.

We feel that your time may be better spent running your business instead of maintaining your website.  For as little as $39/month you have peace of mind knowing your website is up to date and secure.

Image showing WordPress website on a laptop

Sign up and protect your WordPress website today!

Peace of mind for $39/month!