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How much do we pay? 

Any Web Hosting Plan


This includes our range of standard and Speed Boost plans!

WordPress Care Essentials


Essential WordPress website maintenance.

WordPress Care Premium


For those that take their website seriously and would like to protect their investment.

WordPress Care Business


We’ll be your personal website business partner to help you succeed online.

How does it work? 


Step 1 - Create a Razz Hosting profile

You don’t need an active service with us, just a profile so that we can pay you. Create a profile here!


Step 2 - Activate your affiliate account

Now that you have your Razz Profile, it’s time to register as an affiliate with a simple click.


Step 3 - Share your affiliate links

We’ve provided several links that take you to various pages on our website. Feel free to share these with your friends!


Step 4 - Earn real cash!

Once your friend signs up with us for an eligible service, you’ll be registered as referring them. Once the 45-day waiting period is up, you’ll be able to withdraw as cash or credit.

What else do I need to know? 

Eligiblity Period

Provided that your friend signs up within 90 days of visiting your referral link, you’ll get the referral bonus. This works by saving a cookie in the visitors browser to remember the visit.

Payout Delay

There is a 45-day payout delay to protect us against fraud orders. Once 45 days are up, you’ll have the option to withdraw your referral bonus provided the referred account is still active.


Referral Assurance

If for some reason your referred friend signed up without your referral link, we can link them manually to your referral account provided we can establish there was a referral connection.

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Start earning real cash by creating a Razz Hosting profile and activating your affiliate account!


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