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Protection against spam, virus, phishing and malware attacks. Reduces cluttered mailboxes and increases mail continuity.

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Protect Email For 1 Domain

Inbound & Outbound Filtering

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Note: Must be an existing Razz Hosting client. Orders will be reviewed prior to activation.

Core Features

Spam & Virus Filtering

Enterprise level filtering to keep your business mailboxes free from clutter and threats.


Your mail will be handled by a large cluster of highly available servers, alleviating a single point of failure.


If your mail storage server is unavailable, your inbound mail will be queued in the cloud instead of simply bouncing back.


Any mail deemed as spam will be quarantined and can be released to your mailbox through the Spam Experts dashboard.


Want to receive regular email filtering reports. This can be enabled at an overall domain or individual user level.

Spam Training

Whilst the email filtering is amazing out of the box, you can train the filter if certain emails are marked as spam incorrectly and vice-versa.

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