Are Your Website Images Slowing You Down?

May 25, 2019 | Website Performance, WordPress

One of the things you need to consider when attempting to optimise your website speed and boosting your SEO is how heavy your website is.

Why should I optimise my website images?

We selected a random website from the internet and picked out a banner image that weighed in a 324KB. Not too bad, but after running it through an image optimisation tool, it brought that size down 116KB.

You might be thinking, pff… 200-ish KB, that’s hardly anything to be concerned about. But what if you had multiple images on the same page? You could be looking at saving up to multiple MB!

This could be a deciding factor between a visitor waiting on your page to load and pressing the back button.

Remember, not everyone is on a super fast internet connection and it takes time to load a page full of image rich content.

How do I optimise my images?

Some image optimisation tools integrate directly into your WordPress dashboard to assist with optimising existing images as well as newly uploaded ones.

Our recommendation is Short Pixel as we’ve experienced amazing results with it.

They offer a free tier including 100 image optimisations per month with paid plans starting from $4.99/month USD.

Here is an image size comparison from Short Pixel showing the amazing file size reduction without a noticeable decrease in image quality:

Optimised Website Images

There are also other options such as TinyPNG. They also offer free and paid plans, as well as integrate into WordPress as well!

Can you do it for me?

We sure can!

Feel free to check out our WordPress Care Essentials plan that includes website tasks to cover things such as image optimisation.